Ney Church of God

Planning a Visit?

We understand how stressful coming to a new place can be, especially a church.  We understand, because we have all been there.  What do I wear?  What will they think of me?  Where do I go when I arrive?  It's often awkward and a bit scary.  But we know we can help with the anxiety!  So relax and let us explain what you can expect from a visit to Ney Church of God.


When you enter the large parking lot, you will see the main entrance into the church.  It is the double doors located under the drive through car port.  Feel free to drop your family off at the door if the weather is poor.  We can even park your car.


Once parked head into the double doors and you will find yourself in our spacious foyer (above and right).  This is a center of activity, with people talking and just living life together.  We truly enjoy social time, and love meeting new people.  We are a diverse group with an emphasis in the outdoors.  We have a lot of hunters and fishermen and love talking about it!  We even take a yearly hunting/fishing trip.


If you notice from the picture the doors in the middle lead to our sanctuary.  But there are always people around to help you find your way.  There is a nursery for children ages 0-2, but don’t feel obligated to use it.  Children are ALWAYS welcome in the sanctuary.  Our hope is for our church to feel like home.


So finally... What to wear.  Well, again, we want this to feel just like home, so wear what is comfortable!  Every now and then, someone will wear a suit, some may wear a tie (but not usually), most people just wear their favorite jeans, or shorts in the summer.  T-shirts are also a popular choice... so just wear what is comfortable.


If you have any other questions or just want to stop by for a visit prior to Sunday, feel free to stop by, call, text or email us.  We would love to show you around!

Service Times

Traditional Service - 8:30

Sunday School - 9:45

Contemporary - 11:00