Appalachian Trail 2017

September 20-27

Fixed cost per person

Gas for drive to and from the trail - $20

Stay in Braemar Castle Hostel - $25 

Shuttle from Hostel to Hughes Gap - $10

Total $55 - Plus your own food/snacks/supplies for the trail.


It will take approximately 9 hours to travel from Ney to Hampton, TN. We will leave from Ney on the 20th at 9:00am and stop for lunch and dinner (at your own expense) along the way. We will arrive in Hampton, TN on the 20th we will sleep at the Braemer Castle Hostel (cost included above)


The next morning (on the 21st) we will be shuttled to Hughes gap (cost for shuttle included above) to begin the hike.  Breakfast can be bought in Hampton on your own or pack your own.


Lunch and dinner will be eaten on the trail.  The first day we will cover 4.5 miles with a 2,154 foot elevation climb. So be ready. We will sleep the first night at Roan High Knob Shelter.  This is the highest shelter on the entire Appalachian Trail.


Hikes for the rest of the week will range from 7.1 miles to 10 miles each day.


The final night on the trail will be at Laurel Fork Shelter.  We will wake up on the 27th, eat and hike out about 2 miles to our vehicle.  We will pack up and head for home, stopping to eat along the way (your expense).  We should arrive back in Ney around 7:00pm on the 27th.


Nights on the Trail:           6

Days Hiking:                     6 (and a few miles on the 7th day)

Total Miles Hiked:        ~ 48 miles

If you have any questions or concerns, please just ask.


During the August Men’s Fellowship, we will be sharing and discussing packing items.  Please try to attend as we will talk about load-out options


Bring a camera to record this fun adventure!